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Glow Skin Bundle


This collection is rejuvenating and harmonizing. Perfect for women of any age.

This must-have bundle contains:

Frankincense "Ageless" Face Bar

Like it or not, aging is a natural process. Slow it down with this rich, skin pampering "ageless" face bar. Moisture is key to keeping your skin healthy and looking youthful. This soap is designed to maximize hydration as well as balance oils, reduce inflammation, revitalize and tone skin. And it smells wonderful.

Rose Spritz

Rose is known for its healing and soothing qualities. This spritz can be used on your face and body: close your eyes and spritz your face and/or hair to refresh and for quick burst of hydration. Makes a terrific facial toner. Spritz your pillow and linens to refresh and to help in relaxation at bedtime. Spritz your room - yes, including the bathroom! - to freshen the air. Spritz anywhere for a calming aromatherapy effect.

Glow Eye Serum

This natural anti-aging eye serum is a deeply moisturizing, light-feel eye serum that offers potent anti-inflammatory, anti-wrinkle, antioxidant, firming and repairing benefits.

Glow Face Serum

Want to keep your face and body super-hydrated, healthy and younger looking without having to use thick, heavy creams or lotions? This light, nourishing, anti-aging skin serum can be used on both your face and body, morning and night. It is formulated for normal to dry and mature skin and may help to reduce the appearance of scars and wrinkles while giving your skin a healthy glow.

Balance Essential Oil Roll-On

This essential oil blend supports hormonal balance, both menstrual (discomfort, cramps, irregularity, moodiness) and menopausal (hot flashes, dryness, sleep issues, irritability). It helps to boost mood and reduce stress, anxiety, and insomnia. Roll on pulse points and the soles of your feet.

Please see the individual product profile for a complete list of ingredients.

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