Moody Essentials Co.

Roll on the Memory


Roll on the Memory is a remarkable blend of certified 100% pure essential oils designed to stimulate & enhance memory.

It contains an proprietary blend of:

  • frankincense
    • improves learning & memory (increases synaptic connections in the brain)
    • increases blood oxygen levels in the limbic system of the brain, resulting in the brain processing better, improved memory retention & mood elevation
    • improves focus & mental clarity
    • improves concentration & mind stimulation
  • peppermint
    • increases oxygen capacity & boosts energy (both contribute to optimal brain health)
    • increases alertness & focus
    • stimulates the mind & wakes up the senses
    • fights fatigue
    • improves long term memory, working memory & alertness
  • rosemary
    • stimulates activity in brain tissue, which impacts brain chemistry, which triggers improved functionality & better memory
    • improves prospective memory (memory for intentions or actions we wish to carry out in the future)

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