Some nice words from our friends. We'd love to hear more about what you think about our products and service!

It's hard to find all natural body care products in environmentally friendly packaging, that would look, smell and feel amazing. With Moody Essentials products I nourish my body and sleep better at night knowing that i'm reducing plastic pollution by using bar soaps, shampoo bar soap and wooden accessories. I'm also very thrilled that ANY container can be returned and reused to minimize waste and you get a nice discount on refill. This company definitely ticks all my boxes for what I want to get from my body care products! I'm using many of their products every day, but my top picks would be Body Butter (I use it all over my body, including face) and Cuticle oil (my cuticles were always super dry, even when using expensive products, but Moody Essentials cuticle oil changed it within a month of use, now I can't imagine my every day beauty routine without it). Thank you for creating this wonderful brand and keep coming up with new amazing ideas!"   Tanya - Port Coquitlam

"I like the lip balm with its smooth texture, keeping my lips moist for a long time. Great service!"   Carol - Port Moody

"Love their products especially the body butter - everything is natural. I really like the no plastic policy" Deborah - Duncan

"Love Moody Essentials products! Amazing customer service and all handmade! Totally recommend!"   Donna - Port Moody

Moody Essential creates really lovely hand crafted soaps, we've tried a few different scents and they've all been wonderful, we especially fond of the beer bar. Recently we purchased the peppermint and lavender spritzers ... soooooo nice. Thank you Lisa and Tim, you create beautiful products and provide great service ! We look forward to trying more of your relaxing, soothing life style products."   B&F, Coquitlam

"We like all Moody Essentials products, but their 'Dirty Dawg' natural dog soap deserves special mention: most commercial pet shampoos are heavily scented, and our dog Chester hates them, but he doesn't mind the Dirty Dawg soap, plus it rinses off completely and he looks great afterwards: he's a whole new (wet) dog. ps: Moody Essentials products really are handmade: we've seen them at work!"   Brent - Port Moody

"I love everything I've purchased from Moody Essentials... but I have to say the Lavender Bath Bombs are my favourite! They smell divine! Their soaps are also fantastic."   Adria - Port Moody

"I happen to be one of those people who is prone to very dry skin, especially in the winter months. Was advised by my doctor to use Allenburys brand soap since it's made for people with sensitive skin. However, like any commercial soap, it doesn’t come without the usual scents and preservatives any other commercial brand soap has. I used it for many years thinking there really was no other alternative, until I discovered a soap called Pure Unscented Soap from Moody Essentials.There are a lot of craft soap artisans out there, but what appealed most to me about this soap was the simplicity of the ingredients listed. Less is definitely more. This soap has far, far less ingredients than the Allenburys, but each ingredient showed the people who created this soap gave some serious thought into what someone with sensitive skin really needs. Coconut oil, palm oil, almond oil, shea butter, extra virgin olive oil, calendula oil, caster oil, and that’s about it. That’s what I like to see in a product I put on my body and use every day. It is moisturizing but doesn’t leave a film, and it is clean and fresh lacking any overly powerful perfumey scent which I prefer. It’s perfect. Might be a bit pricier than Allenburys, but worth every penny in my books. Thank you Moody Essentials for creating this wonderful product!"   Kathryn - Vancouver

"Really LOVE your soaps...the smell, the feel, the nice."   Arlene - Fraser Valley

"Fantastic products and you won't meet a lovelier couple than Tim and Lisa. They put their passion into their products. Great quality soap products. My fav is the hockey puck soap!"   Jason - Coquitlam

"Love Moody Essentials! The best all natural, zero waste soaps - and their healthy hair spray is amazing! I love that it's locally made and run by the sweetest couple too."   Kim - Coquitlam

"Love the natural products, especially the lemongrass/avocado soap, which is not drying on the skin. I look forward to trying more of their products. Can count on them for great customer service!"   Heidi - Port Moody

"Beautiful handcrafted soaps! I really enjoy the gentle aroma of the lavender." Dave - New Westminster ____________________________________________________________________

Absolutely love Moody Essentials! So far I've tried a few different bath bombs, a few different soaps and a hair spritz and everything has been so lovely. The lavender products are my favourite but really everything I have used has been great. Highly recommend!  Amy - Burnaby