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Bracelet Chakra


This chakra bracelet has 2 black lava beads and is finished with ebony wood beads. Beads are 8mm.

Crown: the crown of the head governs connection with the universe & divine inspiration. Stone: amethyst.

Third Eye: the centre of the forehead governs intuition, decision making, imagination. Stone: lapis lazuli.

Throat: the centre for truth, communication, self-expression. Stone: blue apatite.

Heart: the centre of the chest governs the ability to give and receive love. Stone: green aventurine.

Solar Plexus: above the navel governs willpower, sense of self and confidence. Stone: citrine.

Sacral: below the navel governs creativity & passion. Stone: carnelian.

Base: the base of the spine governs safety, stability, and belonging. Stone: red jasper.

Lava beads are made from cooled, molten basalt. Coming from the fiery heat beneath the earth’s surface, lava rock has a raw energy to it, said to represent renewal or rebirth. Lava is grounding, so can balance emotions and bring calmness and strength. Apply your essential oils to the lava beads for a lasting aroma through the day.

Ebony is a dark hardwood native to Africa, India, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia. It is a symbol of power, balance, purity, protection and luck. Ebony is revered as the most powerful and protective of all woods.

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