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Chakra Bracelet with Ebony Beads


This chakra bracelet is finished with ebony wood beads. Beads are 8mm.

Crown: the crown of the head governs connection with the universe & divine inspiration. Stone: amethyst.

Third Eye: the centre of the forehead governs intuition, decision making, imagination. Stone: blue sodalite.

Throat: the centre for truth, communication, self-expression. Stone: green jasper.

Heart: the centre of the chest governs the ability to give and receive love. Stone: rose quartz.

Solar Plexus: above the navel governs willpower, sense of self and confidence. Stone: citrine.

Sacral: below the navel governs creativity & passion. Stone: carnelian.

Base: the base of the spine governs safety, stability, and belonging. Stone: garnet.

Ebony is a dark hardwood native to Africa, India, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia. It is a symbol of power, balance, purity, protection and luck. Ebony is revered as the most powerful and protective of all woods.

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