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Bundle: I Love Lavender


This bundle is for the lavender lover! Lavender is known for its calming and soothing qualities, so this collection is the ultimate in relaxation.

This collection contains:

Lavender Soap

Our "Ooh La La!" soap has a beautiful lavender scent. It is gentle and nourishing for your skin.

Relax Bath Bomb

Indulge in an all-natural Epsom salts bath bomb. The Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) help relax muscles and have been reported to reduce pain in the shoulders, neck, back and head. It has also been purported that Epsom salts help stabilize mood and soothe away the day's stresses. Pure heaven.

Relax Bath Soak

For a truly spa-like soaking experience, luxuriate in these skin-loving Epsom bath salts. Add to your warm bath and enjoy!

Sleep Diffuser Blend

Sleep Diffuse Blend is relaxing and calming, perfect for diffusing in your bedroom at night, with a blend of lavender, frankincense and vetiver certified pure essential oils.

Lavender Spritz

This spritz can be used on your face and body: close your eyes and spritz your face and/or hair to refresh and for quick burst of hydration. Spritz your pillow and linens to refresh and to help in relaxation at bedtime. Spritz your room - yes, including the bathroom! - to freshen the air. Spritz anywhere for a calming aromatherapy effect.

Please see the individual product profile for a complete list of ingredients.

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