Moody Essentials Co.

Roll on the Bright Eyes


Roll on the Bright Eyes is a must-have blend of healing and certified 100% pure essential oils that have an amazing effect in correcting dark under-eye circles.

It contains an proprietary blend of:

  • sweet almond oil: boosts antioxidant levels in the skin; contains vitamin E & is known for cell regeneration; balances oils; prevents frying by locking in moisture; hydrates; nourishes; relieves inflammation
  • rosehip seed oil: rich in vitamins, omega-6 fatty acids & antioxidants; deeply hydrating; simulates collagen; improves complexion; promotes cell renewal; helps damaged skin; corrects dark spots & skin discolouration
  • Roman chamomile essential oil: anti-inflammatory (beneficial for puffy eyes); loaded with antioxidants (accelerate cell & tissue regeneration); anti-aging properties
  • geranium essential oil: anti-inflammatory; promotes cell regeneration; improves circulation; evens skin tone

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